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Episode 30: The Dirty Thirty

Episode 29: Money Mindset, Mental Health, and Messy Sex

Episode 30: Show notes

We'd like to say this episode is extra dirty because it's the # thirty...but let's be real.  They are all pretty dirty!  It's a Thanksgiving week recap and someone got naked.  There's photos to prove it.  Pull out your headphones, grab a burrito, and join Rachel and Lizzie for another hilarious episode of the Flawedcast!

Episode 29: Show notes

Alright stop, collaborate & listen; this week’s episode is full of good topics - starting with revealing Rachel’s hidden talent. And the ice ice baby doesn’t stop there - are we getting a snow storm in Portland this week? We can only hope!  We also talk school threats, gun control, & mental health. Might be a touchy subject but we’re not shying away from it - it’s important! 

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of life & are looking for some motivation to move forward, we’ve got some advice for you! We discuss money & all the shame, anger, and negative energy many people connect to that word. After Lizzie’s account hits a negative & she suffers a financial breakdown, we reveal that it’s probably not money you hate - it’s the association & situations surrounding it.  So how do we adjust our feelings around money? Good question - you’ll have to tune in to find out. 

Anyone else’s spouse have a hobby that drives them crazy? Yeah we get it. But don’t worry, all arguments end with good (and sometimes messy) sex at Rachel’s house. Keep the kids in the other room for this one friends - it’s a full hour of your favorite flawedcast.

Episode 28: This one's for the ladies in the back

Episode 28: Show notes

In this episode - we ran out of time to write show'll just have to listen to find out what the happenings are on the flawedcast!

Episode 27: Eating Disorders, Unschooling, and The Joker

Episode 27: Show notes

The red cups are back at Starbucks!  Who would have thought this could trigger tears and a discussion on eating disorders?  Yep, we go back in time to talk about some serious topics before moving on to yeasty tits and hemorrhoid hacks. Rachel recaps her Delaware trip and shares how the joker inspired her to give unschooling a try.  Not sure what that is?  Don't worry, we'll give you the deets.  It's another good one folks.  Get your earbuds out and prepare yourself to laugh and cry.

Episode 26: No, We are not Dead.

Episode 26: Show notes

If you're counting the days (and we hear you...some of you are) - we are 9 days late releasing the much anticipated episode 26!  So what are you waiting for?  It's time to catch up Flawed Females!

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Episode 25: Farting during sex and Queefs

Episode 25: Show notes

Is that a British lady with a Jamaican?  No it's just us Flawed Females trying on different accents and royally screwing it up.  Just when you think we couldn't talk about more off-the-wall stuff...we dig deep into farting during sex and queefing. What kind of woman is Rachel's type?  Listen in for the juicy juicys and you just might find out.  Hint: It's not Asian Ellen Degenerous (seriously - you've got to listen to understand).

Also, make sure to check out our sponsor, Chris Angell!  He's offering a FREE course "Marketing for the rest of us" - We HIGHLY recommend taking this if you have a message to share with the world and you need support finding your voice to do so.  

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