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Here's a quick run-down of our most recent 10 episodes or so - the rest can be found through your podcast provider (click on the image below to be directed to Apple, Stitcher, or Spotify).   Thank you for listening, loving, subscribing, rating, and sharing!  The support from our community has been INSANE and we're so very grateful.  Now go listen and get ready to laugh and maybe even learn a little.

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Episode 37: The one where Lizzie gets laid.

Episode 37: Show notes

Did you feel the earth shaking?  Lizzie's 2+ year dry spell has come to an end. 

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Episode 36: Things we do not like.

Episode 36: Show notes

This week's a doozy. It's been two weeks since our last 'cast and we have lots to catch up on.  

  • Anti-vaxers
  • Lizzie doesn't like Lizzo 
  • People who don't take care of their animals 
  • Autism in teens
  • What constitutes a perfect day
  • Eating at other people's houses
  • Pin the Persian on the p.ssy game.

Grab your headphones and enjoy ladies!  The Flawed Females are back. 

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Episode 35: It's a Throuple!

Episode 35: Show notes

We added a third voice to the cast' this week - Mollie Openshaw from Camp Midlife is joining us in studio to talk about allll the things, such as:

Does the gym vag attract men?

How does one find her cervix?

Sober sex, intoxicated sex, too much sex, and no sex at all.

Quick masturbation tips.

Blow jobs during sex - when it's appropriate.

Sex Education - the flaws in how we teach kids to get it on.

Using the F word and how it got Rach in hot water this weekend.

Attracting diversity - a raw conversation about how to get more demographics involved in personal development.  

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Episode 34: Vaginal Discoveries and Vision Boards

Episode 34: Show notes

In this riveting episode of the flawedcast, Lizzie and Rachel talk about vision boards, vaginal discoloration, the joys of surprise sex, tales of how long labor lasts, and the stupid, stupid things that people say.  

Episode 33: The Plot Thickens

Episode 33: Show notes

You may listen to this episode and think "seriously WTF guys".  We talk about meeting the spirit of SPARK and let's just say...there was a placenta, lion, and crown involved.  If that doesn't make you want to join the new SPARK community, we don't know what will!  How about a special Flawed Females discount?  Click HERE and use the code flawedfemales to get an annual membership for only $97.   Lizzie is purging and questioning whether or not her cat reincarnated as a stuffed animal.  Rachel is going through a diet change flu and the symptoms are...well disgusting.   It's another day in the life for your favorite flawed females.  

Episode 32: Why are men so obsessed with their dicks?

Episode 32: Show notes

For a women's podcast, we sure do talk about dicks a lot.  From "how to live with a big penis" to men's annoying obsession with their own genitalia...we're cock-a-doodling about the penis this week quite a bit.  Have you ever been caught masturbating? We discuss getting caught and catching others in the act of stroking and/or tapping.  Lizzie is heading into her third trimester and is deep into thinking about what her word is for the upcoming year could be.  We end the convo digging into The Law of Attraction and why everyone needs to be paying attention to what they are thinking about...every. single. minute.  It's a good one folks.  Buckle up!  

Episode 31: We peed a little

Episode 31: Show notes

Peeing your pants is not exclusive to toddlers - in fact BOTH LK and Rach cried tears town their legs this week.  Rachel stole the magic of Christmas from her youngest child and consequently is getting coal from the imaginary guy in red and Lizzie may name her baby cotton candy.  Not really...but she does share an idea with y'all.   It's been 3 weeks since the last episode dropped.  You can call off the riots now - we're back bioches.  

Episode 30: The Dirty Thirty

Episode 29: Money Mindset, Mental Health, and Messy Sex

Episode 30: Show notes

We'd like to say this episode is extra dirty because it's the # thirty...but let's be real.  They are all pretty dirty!  It's a Thanksgiving week recap and someone got naked.  There's photos to prove it.  Pull out your headphones, grab a burrito, and join Rachel and Lizzie for another hilarious episode of the Flawedcast!

Episode 29: Show notes

Alright stop, collaborate & listen; this week’s episode is full of good topics - starting with revealing Rachel’s hidden talent. And the ice ice baby doesn’t stop there - are we getting a snow storm in Portland this week? We can only hope!  We also talk school threats, gun control, & mental health. Might be a touchy subject but we’re not shying away from it - it’s important! 

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of life & are looking for some motivation to move forward, we’ve got some advice for you! We discuss money & all the shame, anger, and negative energy many people connect to that word. After Lizzie’s account hits a negative & she suffers a financial breakdown, we reveal that it’s probably not money you hate - it’s the association & situations surrounding it.  So how do we adjust our feelings around money? Good question - you’ll have to tune in to find out. 

Anyone else’s spouse have a hobby that drives them crazy? Yeah we get it. But don’t worry, all arguments end with good (and sometimes messy) sex at Rachel’s house. Keep the kids in the other room for this one friends - it’s a full hour of your favorite flawedcast.