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Episode 24: Two Microphones in the Night

Episode 24: Show notes

We are back to having TWO mics! Now you can hear our lip smacking in high def.  Lizzie is celebrating one year of sobriety (holla!) and shares some emotions around her big milestone.  Speaking of emotions, Rachel sheds some tears toward the end - sparked by the new Maroon 5 song.  Damn you Adam Levine.  Little Max is going in for surgery this week after a weird experience in the ER and Quinn is getting greedy with blow jobs.  What's the significance of the number 3?  The ladies chat about Angel numbers and why they effed up Rachel's knee.  

Links mentioned in this episode:  

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SPARK School

Episode 23: We have some As for your Qs!

Episode 23: Show notes

After some chitty chat chat, the Lizzie and Rach answer some Q's from our fabulously flawed listeners.  Covering postpartum depression, business success for introverts, blue waffles, and drinking at school functions.  Want a FF t-shirt?  You'll have to listen to hear how you can get your hands on one.  

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Episode 22: "Will you take a look at my Vagina?"

Episode 21: The BIG Gender Reveal!

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Episode 16: Our First Interview: Amanda Faith

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Episode 13: A Big Fucking Announcement

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Episode 10: Orgasm Challenge, Shame, and FF Investigations

Episode 9: Sex Clubs, Vagina Shame, Road Vag, and SPARK Announcements