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Episode 42: What the hell is a vagankle?

Episode 42: Show notes

It’s said that good friends talk about their sex lives but best friends talk about poop. Well the Flawed Females talk about both - and more. Not only do we discuss roadside quickies (ooh la la) & constipation (again?) but we also dish on parenting during a pandemic & battling screen time addiction. 

We also answer some very important questions:

How did Rachel react to some recent “turbulence” & what does it mean for SPARK?

What are some of life’s defining moments & at what point do we pivot & make positive changes?

What the hell is a vagankle?

Will Rach give Lizzie a quarantine haircut?

We know you want the answers so tune in to another riveting episode of your favorite Flawed-Cast. 

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Episode 41: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flawed Females!

Episode 41: Show notes

Happy Birthday Flawed Females

Guess what! We’re ONE! On this Mother’s Day edition of the flawedcast, we talk about Lizzie’s “first” Mother’s Day & postpartum woes, getting back in shape (screw running), and loving our bodies through all our transformations. Rachel explains hetero things to a clueless LK & the ladies discuss sobriety, gray area drinking, and how being vulnerable can help us all do hard things.

We also reveal some plans for the future of the show. Wanna join the Flawed Females private Facebook community? Find us here.

You’re gonna wanna listen til the end of this one! Two words: Frozen Singalong. We’re getting closer to that musical episode, just you wait!

Episode 40: The Much Anticipated Return

Episode 40: Show notes

What could we possibly say to sum up the last SIX weeks since we last released an episode?  Not only did Lizzie birth a baby but the freaking WORLD SHUT DOWN.  

We have a lot to say.  

Welcome back to the Flawed-Cast.

Episode 39: No time like the present to BINGE

Episode 39: Show notes

There's no time like any to find a binge worth Netflix series or listen to another episode of your favorite podcast. Where else can you hear about Lizzie's "is it pee or an orgasm" debacle?  Or how Rachel's blue hair sparked a spousal argument. She's also trading favors for laundry servicing - which may get her nominated as #wifeoftheyear or leave her with a sore throat.  Baby Louis is due any day now and we'd love to hear your date predictions!

Episode 38: The BIG Amy Dresner Interview

Episode 38: Show notes

This episode has literally been almost a year in the making. Rachel hits the road on a Spark media tour & finally gets to sit down with author Amy Dresner while she’s in Los Angeles, CA. In the long awaited, PROMISED interview, nothing is off limits. Rach & Amy talk drug, alcohol, & sex addiction. And while it might sound like a heavy topic, don’t worry; Amy’s like us. She handles it all with a wicked & raw sense of humor - Her motto is “f shame” - and that’s something we can all get behind, right? 

The ladies also discuss relationships, getting (and staying) sober, having compassion for addicts, vulnerability, & the science behind addiction. There’s also a little cat talk - hey we couldn’t forget Amy’s Persian, Colonel Puff Puff. 

And if you haven’t gotten your hands on Amy’s book, My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty & Staying Clean, do so now (no, we’re not getting paid to pimp it). 

If you listen very carefully, you can hear Lizzie crying all the way back in Portland while she misses all the fun - but don’t worry, she’ll be back next week. 

Episode 37: The one where Lizzie gets laid.

Episode 37: Show notes

Did you feel the earth shaking?  Lizzie's 2+ year dry spell has come to an end. 

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Episode 36: Things we do not like.

Episode 36: Show notes

This week's a doozy. It's been two weeks since our last 'cast and we have lots to catch up on.  

  • Anti-vaxers
  • Lizzie doesn't like Lizzo 
  • People who don't take care of their animals 
  • Autism in teens
  • What constitutes a perfect day
  • Eating at other people's houses
  • Pin the Persian on the p.ssy game.

Grab your headphones and enjoy ladies!  The Flawed Females are back. 

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Episode 35: It's a Throuple!

Episode 35: Show notes

We added a third voice to the cast' this week - Mollie Openshaw from Camp Midlife is joining us in studio to talk about allll the things, such as:

Does the gym vag attract men?

How does one find her cervix?

Sober sex, intoxicated sex, too much sex, and no sex at all.

Quick masturbation tips.

Blow jobs during sex - when it's appropriate.

Sex Education - the flaws in how we teach kids to get it on.

Using the F word and how it got Rach in hot water this weekend.

Attracting diversity - a raw conversation about how to get more demographics involved in personal development.  

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Episode 34: Vaginal Discoveries and Vision Boards

Episode 34: Show notes

In this riveting episode of the flawedcast, Lizzie and Rachel talk about vision boards, vaginal discoloration, the joys of surprise sex, tales of how long labor lasts, and the stupid, stupid things that people say.